TRM® Level 2


The TRM® Level 2 training explores the concept of resiliency and how to restore balance to the body and the mind after experiencing traumatic or stressful events. Level 2 training reviews the skills from Level 1 training and discusses in greater depth working with trauma reprocessing with the survival responses and how attachment theories are applied to TRM®.  Implicit memories are explored in greater detail using the SENSIMAP.  In addition, the expressive arts will be integrated into the training to demonstrate expanded ways to utilize TRM® skills. 

Prerequisite: TRM® Level 1.


Learning Objectives

By the end of this training, participants will be able to:


Objective 1

Describe three or more ways attachment theory relate to the Trauma Resiliency Model®.


Objective 7

Identify the survival responses to trauma.

Objective 2

Describe the sensory portals with SENSIMAP.


Objective 8

Describe the survival response of “Tend and Befriend” and its importance.

Objective  3

Utilize the nine skills of TRM®.


Objective 9

Explain one or more ways to restore the survival response.

Objective  4

Describe the orienting response and its importance to treating trauma.


Objective 10

Describe one or more ways to work with dissociative parts with the TRM® skills.

Objective 5

Apply certain expressive arts including using art with TRM® skills.


Objective 11

Discuss the concepts of the Polyvagal theory.

Objective 6

Describe the Community Resiliency Model®.


Objective 12

Describe the four phases of the “Survival Response Continuum.”