Kathmandu, Nepal

TRI training team

Members of TRI traveled to Kathmandu in July to provide two CRM® enhancement trainings for the trainees who participated in TRI's original CRM® training the previous year following the 7.8 earthquake in April of 2015. They were a part of an international team comprised of two trainers from Loma Linda University as well as two trainers from PhilACTS -- building more capacity for trainings throughout the world.


Training Group #1

Training Group #2

CRM® Training Exercise

One of the team members had this to say: 

"It was humbling to hear how some of the participants have used their skills over the past year to provide healing for themselves, their family and their community. I even heard a story from one of our Nepali trainees who taught the skills to a UN worker that had grown increasingly depressed during his time in Nepal due to his exposure to such mass destruction. She reported that he was going to be sent home early due to his difficulties, but having been taught the skills was able to not only complete his rotation but extend his time there by one week. How cool that these skills were used by a Nepali to help a UN worker that had originally come to help those in Nepal?!"