Cross-Pollination for Resiliency (2019)


Summary of the project, by Jo-ann Rosen:

“The Cross-Pollination for Resiliency project acknowledges that the region surrounding Palestine and Israel is rife with trauma and stress, that such conditions can take a large toll on the entire population. We believe that beyond political and ideological positions, a healthy and balanced nervous system of the populace is a basic foundation for any problem solving or conflict resolution. The well-being of each individual contributes to the well-being of all. This project in no way is a reflection of any political ideology or position. We want to offer these skills of health and well-being to all who care to learn them.

The Cross Pollination for Resiliency Project began in February of 2017 with a three-month tour in Israel and the West Bank, offering CRM trainings to marginalized communities. Given that both Palestinians and Jewish Israeli’s have such strong and vibrant cultures, I set out to see if CRM could be offered in such a way as to honor, draw on and bolster a people’s own style of resiliency, hence ‘Cross-Pollination.’

During these three months, I provided CRM trainings in refugee camps, Bedouin and Palestinian community centers, through graduate programs at the university to elementary schools, in a domestic violence center, a women’s center, to a group of Social Workers for Peace, several mindfulness groups and an NGO promoting rural Palestinian economic development. It was a pilot to explore whether there was receptivity and value in providing such services. In every instance, CRM was embraced with enthusiasm and a strong desire to deepen the skills.

The current project is an entirely volunteer effort funded by personal gifts and offerings to support the foundations of a more stable and balanced society in this emotionally torn region of the world. Since CRM was so well received tentative plans were made to continue the work if funding could be found, focusing on three regions: 

  1. Halisa Community Center, Haifa (February – March, 2019)

  2. Nablus in conjunction with Project Hope (March, 2019)

  3. Bethlehem and Bet Jala (March, 2019)

Additional presentations and workshops with the Jewish Israeli Mindfulness Community are in the planning stages.”

For more information about the project, please contact Jo-ann Rosen,

Jo-ann Rosen, MA/ LMFT is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and certified Community Resiliency Model Teacher. In practice since 1991, she has initiated numerous projects in and for the County of Mendocino, California, and has offered workshops and staff development in Mexico, Canada, Europe, Israel and the West Bank.