TRI Updates: November

Here are some of the changes that have occurred at TRI over the last month:

Trauma Resiliency Model

  • Change in Pricing

    We’ve changed the pricing for TRM trainings to $750 per training. However, we also offer an “early bird” discount (i.e., $100 off for a total of $650) for anyone who registers more than a month in advanced of the training date. This change goes into effect January 1, 2019.

  • Master Trainers now referred to as “Senior Trainers.”

    We will no longer be referring to our Training Faculty as “Master Trainers.” Instead, they will be referred to as “Senior Trainers.” We recognize that the term “Master” can be insensitive in certain regions of the world. We continue to try and find terms that can accurately describe concepts and positions within our organization while also minimizing unnecessarily offending others. We hope the term “Senior Trainers” does just that.

  • TRM: Self-Evaluation is now in electronic format.

    Marina Compean transferred the TRM: Self-Evaluation to a Google form making it easier to complete for those working to complete certification. Thank you, Marina! Click Here for the link to the form.

  • TRM Trainings last month:

Community Resiliency Model

  • New Monthly CRM Skills Practice Groups

    We are now offering a monthly CRM Skills Practice Group which is open to any CRM Skills Teacher who is either working toward certification or has already been certified, but wants extra group consultation. There are still CRM Consultations offered/required for each CRM Teacher Training cohort that is separate from the Practice Group. Accordingly, the CRM Skills Practice Group is optional and are meant just to provide added instruction, CRM updates, group consultation and observations of the skills in action.

  • Intellectual Property Agreement is changing its name.

    The document formerly known as the IPA, or Intellectual Property Agreement, is now referred to as the MoA, or Memorandum of Agreement.

  • CRM Trainings last month:

Upcoming Trainings

Michael Sapp