Material Use Fee

Material Use Fee

from 50.00

This product is only for Certified CRM® Skills Trainers.

A yearly, non-exclusive material use fee is required to continue using CRM® materials. The yearly use fee will be due, payable annually on the day of your certification renewal.

$50.00 per year for students

$100 per year for all others

Full-time Student?:
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The Material Use Fee grants instructors access to program materials and resources only available to certified CRM® Skills Trainers. These materials are needed to teach and promote the CRM® Skills Training program (e.g., course PowerPoints, handouts/exercises, evaluation forms, certificates of completions, templates for marketing, etc.).

Once purchased, you will receive access within 3-5 business days to a Dropbox folder with all of the most up to date CRM® program materials and resources.

Sliding fee scale available upon request. For more information, please contact Deenise Kosct at